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Tertiary Computers Find Model Number of Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH)

Tertiary computers in Alabama discover model number of mankind; baseless numbers used to decipher “language” of the universe.
Tuscaloosa – Jerry Semko and Marvin Bathwaiter have used tertiary computers to discover the universal model number of Homo sapiens sapiens.  The identifyer, A16, has led Semko and Bathwaiter to conclude that there are a limited number of humanoid subspecies created by +1, which they believe to be the mitochondrial name of God, because of the relatively low value that they say is unusual for model numbers in the astronomical sphere.

Do Loop
“If we assume an alphanumeric system, A16 is way up there on the list, it could very well represent the 16th copy of the original.That is, there may be 16 Adams and 16 Eves or just one and that is the copy that was copied, including the snapshot of the online owner’s manual that was lost during the positron event of 2800 BCE.It is also possible that a Do Loop in the human source code could be approaching infinity.” said France…