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New Algorithm Causes Outrage

Computer takes over galaxy; Arthur Front and company strenuously protest; Still nothing specific about the meaning of it all.

Death Valley - Predictive Analytics (PA), the new buzzword often heard across the boardroom din, does not always find what is obvious.It often finds traumatic and awful news about the exact fate of all mankind.This happens so often, in fact, that some math PhD’s have been known to scream in horror before and after calculating certain formulas.Scientists are on edge and not sure where to put their microscopes or when to look in them for fear of being frightened to the very depths of their beings.
In one poignant example of PA’s odd power, a model created by a team of 5th graders in the North Carolina hills reportedly is able to determine the meaning of life by analyzing the blanks between words and inside of letters like ‘o’ and ‘e’ in biblical scrolls.They were able to determine exactly what the whole point is but would not comment further.However, all seem to …