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Our Privacy Policy

While we consider our privacy to be a very serious matter, we do not feel the same way about your privacy.  While we expect you to be the subject of intense scrutiny as to the details of your vast and complicated data footprint, we have no problem keeping you fully ignorant as to the nature of our enterprise. 
This webspace will store and keep the following categories of personal data automatically:
1.Your IP address and geo-location at all times, past, present, and future, including any times that may have occurred prior to the advent of the personal computer or after The Unfortunate Events of 2650.Because you are reading this, said information has already been collected and your consent has already been confirmed electronically via our remote data servers.
2.Your astrological thumbprint, including exact time, date, and geo-location of conception and birth, location of every planet, planetoid, and comet, including moons of said planets, planetoids, and comets; original birth parents…