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Do You Know This Person?

by Della Ridge, guest-writer

Never have so many died for so much to gain so little of the crumbs that were left for so few. You cannot friend someone you don’t know or you will be punished.What Nazi spin-off thought up this rule?Doesn’t it all sound a bit Orwellian and somewhat Dickian?Who should be charged with war crimes?Are we to be tested like Job?Will this be yet another poignant case where the bad men all get away with it and we only find out after top-secret documents are furtively leaked to the newspaper?So many unanswered rhetorical questions.

One-percenters be like
I, the author, performed fifteen minutes of online wiki-intense research and found out that three-time loser Barcus Leech was that mastermind of the dark conspiracy to keep friend requests and friend replies to an absolute minimum on social media.This is the man who originally restricted use of his fashion-of-the-day blab site to university elite.It should therefore be no surprise to learn that he is outside the con…

It’s a Long Way to the Top? Really?

If you wanna be a star of stage and screen,             Look out - it’s rough and mean

- AC/DC It’s a Long Way To The Top, 1975, Albert Productions
Australian hard rock sensation AC/DC released their rock anthem It’s a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll) nearly 40 years ago in 1975.The band’s fifth single, Long Way reached the ninth spot on the Australian charts and is widely considered by critics to be the legend Bon Scott’s signature hit.To add to its prestige, it was recently included in the Australian National Registry of Recorded Sound.However, the entire premise of the song is fabricated – AC/DC and the Brothers Young actually became internationally famous rock stars within one year after releasing Long Way.
Let there be rock
Malcolm and Angus Young, key to AC/DC’s raw sound, are the younger brothers of George Young.The elder Young was songwriter and guitarist for the 1960’s Australian pop favorite The Easybeats, co-writing the unforgettable, almost psychedelic worki…