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How To Write a How To Blog about Blogging

There is no denying it - the information age is upon us.Certainly one of the most exciting trends is blogging.With over thirty million blogs worldwide and the fact that two new blogs are created every second, web users are bombarded with blog options.This may be a problem because you may feel sad if no one is reading your blog.You may also be dealing with the unfortunate situation that occurs when you’re not a celebrity.So, then, how does one navigate in such indifferent waters?

If you’re like most of us, you have no idea what to write about, neither the capacity nor the attention span.One way to avoid the frustration is to write a meta blog that offers tips for writing a blog. Make a list

1.Enumerate, enumerate, enumerate. 2.Experts say making a list is the simplest way to turn your unorganized jumble of pointers into coherence even if your ideas are, let’s face it, not that compelling. 3.Get used to the idea that no one, including you, has anything new to say – everything has alread…

Woman From Future Writes Forbidden Book

Time Immigrant One of the most daunting challenges of time travel has always been avoiding the dimension shift.Because there are infinite universes in the multiverse, each containing infinite possibilities and an exact duplicate of you, your DNA handle, and the remaining soul, it is essential to stay within the same universe at all times.Time travel is a very delicate art of perfect tuning.One slight difference could mean that honorable people in this universe are dastardly criminals in another and vice versa.
However, trips to parallel universes do provide often very amusing stories that span the genre spectrum and encompass exciting, masterfully spun tales of grandeur.Molly Jevais has compiled thousands of these real-life stories into one collection – Time Travel Anthologies Volume 2.
Jevais, 32, traveled the epochs in search of pithy tales for two days in April.The native of the future has always had a fascination with time travel, since she first moved to our time with her famil…

How To Blog

Granny’s 14 Points Steps to Success

If you want to blog, you should definitely blog. Remember that everyone wants to hear what you have to say.Pick a topic that will sell any style of shoe.Write crazy and dangerous things.It is also good advice to violate key rules of grammar and punctuation.Create buzz by visiting your blog from public computers all over town, being sure to click on the ads.Experts say that clicks count.Also, leave anonymous comments like: “this is the greatest blog EVER.”Share your blog with facebook friends and guilt them into liking it. Get plenty of exercise.Brag about your blog at any reunion.Create a religious cult and a facebook group with links to your blog.If you don’t know how to write, copy text (and photos) from other sites and paste them onto yours (ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v to paste,).Keywords are words used by search engines to categorize your blog.You only need one keyword: b…

Computer Virus Kills Humans

Caracas - It was reported Thursday in News Weekly that mutated computer viruses are infecting human beings and other lower apes at an alarming rate.The announcement came during an Illuminati rally held Friday in Perth.Sources close to The Bilderberg have said that the organization has known about Amphibious Digital Particle Viruses (ADPV), the most notorious of the Class 5 technovirus families, for some time.
“We may have even developed them,” said Roberto Carlos, a Bilderberg serpent-head and secret world police officer, “However, because we are secretive, we cannot be certain of that or much else.All we know is ADPV's do exist and that they are particularly awful.”
According to Carlos, 979 cases have been reported in and around Caracas since Sunday.  Nearby La Paz is believed to be at the epicenter of the outbreak, which has a reported 117% effective death rate, killing even those who have only heard about the virus online.

“We have a number of cases where people read a blog, we…