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The Newest Hope: A Manifesto By Jules Trellis

A revolutionary manifesto by Jules Trellis

First of All

Few can argue that the U.S. Constitution is not the worst rag ever painted on with black dots by slave-owning colonists.  It has the worst handwriting and rudest tone.  But perhaps some of the most disgusting aspects of the constitution are its ideas.  Representative government, lets all take a break here, is not working and never has.  Oh, do not crawl into a corner and weep just yet.

So you say, while shooting at me every day from now on, that if I do not like the constitution, then what do I like?  They always pose this question - "well, then, what will you do about it?"  They always spout off the "make with the solutions" with a terrible grin and a mean spirit.  I have been kicked in the knee cap on more than a few occasions and was made to be afraid to press charges if that makes any sense or explains what I have been through.

The form of government?  I have a whole new approach.  I can fix that issue.  …