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Trolls are Pathetic

In ancient times, Trolls were the guardians of bridges. They had foresight enough to use the structure itself as a shelter, as opposed to erecting a separate shack nearby. From a community perspective, a guardhouse is overkill when you have a Troll family living underneath the span.

Back then Trolls were, while not respectable, notably not pathetic. At least you knew where they were coming from. Though oafish wielders of blunt objects, careless wretches in the night, lost dreamers who lived the frontier fringe, they served a useful purpose. In their defense, they only ate the weakest who could not answer their riddles. Even biblical Samson, not a Troll, was prone to that behavior.

Fast forward to today. Click pause. Look. Trolls have turned pathetic. With the obsolescence of bridges, they have been driven from their underpasses. They are now spending all their time online. Trolls read everything that is posted, and they comment in their strange tongue, liking what is abominable, hat…