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Listen to Yo Mama, Not Obama Drama

The President of the United States (formerly The Free World) has gone mad.  It is in the newspapers, it is on the television reality shows, it is a tweet – President Barack Obama has lost his mind.  This is not a joke.

Sources close to the White House (standing just outside the gates being harassed and openly murdered by Obama’s secret death drone squad) have reported Friday that President Barack Obama can no longer be considered mentally stable for any significant length of time or at all.  They fear that his psychosis has spread beyond his brain, through the oval office, down the pentagram of Washington D.C., to all levels of government and mail carriers.  And it has just been reported five minutes ago that Congress and The Supreme Court have gone in similar fashion, completely off their rockers - babbling on incoherently like some sort of drunken veterans of the Vietnam Police Action.

However, these hot-heads are not decorated war heroes.  Instead, they are civil servants who are…