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Chris Kyle Upgraded To Superhero

Chris Kyle, top ace killer from yards, has been upgraded to superhero status in an Austin talk-building, with men standing at podiums in ties and very serious attitudes.  To add to the credibility of the event, an agenda was printed out on paper.  The weather outlook was clear and calm.  There was the smell of hot dogs in the crowd and cotton candy was being fisted out two by the dozens.  The scene was complete with upbraided cowboy hats pointing and practically pining towards the speakers on stage.

“It was a spectacle,” said Dustin Cambridge, a high school student from Decatur, “everyone was so elated that no one could stop crying long enough to speak.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of touching that was going on, some of which seems to have been taken straight from the play book of Bill Cosby.”

Calling Kyle bad names is now considered blasphemy against the High Church of America.  Penalties include mandatory nightcaps spent with Bill "The Clone" Cosby.

“If you are going …