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Quaternary Source

The wordsmith industry is dauntingly exclusive.

I recently coined a term: “Quaternary Source”.A quaternary source is a tertiary source created via a wiki.The prime example of a quaternary source is wikipedia.It is a good starting off point, but the information is not always accurate.  Thus it is a step below an encyclopedia or dictionary written by a team of fancy-pants scholars.

My phrase was rejected by the very forum that I was attempting to define.Apparently, I am not allowed to coin terms, not having a writer’s license, being unpublishable.If I were publishable, I would make up as many words as I could.That is a hopeless dream now.Without a reliable source, wikipedia contributors have deleted my entry for “Quaternary Sources”, refusing to accept the citation of this blog.This is what was posted on my talk page: 

Oh, fate why must you be so cruel!

Fluoride, GMO Dust Make Way Into Chemtrails

Fluoride, GMO dust, aspartame, and wheat gluten have been found in chemtrails according to Info Bilk and may be linked to fibromyalgia, acid reflux, leprosy, and super-intense brain control according to alternative media giant Arthur Hillenburg Front, notable research affiliate of the NAZZZCO Medical Group.The announcement came three hours after an assembly event in Ireland.

Held in secret, the summit took place in Belfast Thursday.No one was able to attend, citing vague prior engagements, but it is rumored that an alternate impromptu session was held in the outskirts of Cleveland, at a location believed to be Front's studio apartment.However, members were not allowed to comment and were quickly placed in cryogenic suspension.It is believed drones have been equipped with chemtrail emitters, the extent of which is not known but is estimated to be “bigtime” with strong ties to reptilian agents of The Bilderberg.
“This is the most important discovery since The Big Bang,” Front comme…