Quaternary Source

The wordsmith industry is dauntingly exclusive.

I recently coined a term: “Quaternary Source”.  A quaternary source is a tertiary source created via a wiki.  The prime example of a quaternary source is wikipedia.  It is a good starting off point, but the information is not always accurate.  Thus it is a step below an encyclopedia or dictionary written by a team of fancy-pants scholars.   

My phrase was rejected by the very forum that I was attempting to define.  Apparently, I am not allowed to coin terms, not having a writer’s license, being unpublishable.  If I were publishable, I would make up as many words as I could.  That is a hopeless dream now.  Without a reliable source, wikipedia contributors have deleted my entry for “Quaternary Sources”, refusing to accept the citation of this blog.  This is what was posted on my talk page:

Oh, fate why must you be so cruel!


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