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Great Things Great Companies Do That Make Them Great

by Wendy Pill Guest writer

Great companies are not just made - they are spawned from Hell.They are psychopathic super-individuals that pound everyone and everything in their sight. Today, sadly, great companies are in decline with good and bad companies making up most companies.Though this article will not deal specifically with bad companies, it is important to remember in the course of reading that bad companies are companies that make great companies turn into only good companies.

The one thing Good companies do everything except one thing that great companies do – great companies measure once and cut twice; three times if necessary.They cut jobs.Should a hundred cuts be necessary, the difference between being good and great is that the great companies will cut a hundred while the good companies will stop after like twenty-two cuts. Good companies merely ask what if.Then they say, if A then B.They go from A to B.Great companies ask who is in the way of making insane money.If B is in …