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Framed by Coincidences

Have you noticed that life is a series of too many coincidences? Did you in fact think of something just like this yesterday? More coincidences, more profound despair. Every time one experiences déjà vu, one withers even more. It is the experience of bouncing too high before having melted wings at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. If this describes you, it may be time to panic. Once you have trampled your way to here, you must have traveled to the very end of all things. Too bad for you. I bet you thought it was going to be, what, really nice? As did the moth before being tempted by the glimmer of the tawdry flame. Wasn’t the flame tawdry? Don’t you agree? It was not exactly illuminant, was it? People are all connected. Everyone that you know is involved in an elaborate conspiracy designed to utterly ruin and embarrass you. They hold meetings and elect a historian who documents all of the actions of the committee against you. The records committee has rented ou…