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Translations From Deep Space

The following transcript was translated from a transgalactic broadcast received by Noman Hedgefont in June of [garbled]... picked up on an accidentally improvised space tuner and to be kept secret as it is obvious that no one is ready to digest the magnitude of thoughts of an outsider looking at society from an alien perspective.  If it is too long for you, then I suggest you read Dr. Seuss or other child literature.  We cannot abridge what is complete in itself.

Human worth is defined in terms of hatred that is unquenched and infinite.  No amount of soft-tithing is credible to being a referendum against evil.  It is instead a vacant effort, a spineless grope of a child-brat.  However it might seem what is god to them, it is not but what we have known since The Obscene Birth Moment, a crutch against death.

Case Study: Dialogue In An Education Facility

By way of example, we witness two children in a school yard.  One is unkind to the other for no reason.  Yet there is no response of any…